We are the Prevention of Infection New Technologies Expertise Research Society.

We are bringing together infection prevention practitioners, solution providers, researchers, and people who have been affected by infections. We deliver cutting edge developments in infection prevention, detection, and control to enable our members to be at the forefront of their profession. 


We regularly write articles on recent news and updates in the area of infection prevention and control.

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We have more than 23,000 advocates and 1,000 practitioners. This number is constantly growing.

Our Practitioners are the people who are responsible for infection prevention and control within the health, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. They are at the forefronts of their professions and are experts in the latest technologies.


We have identified hundreds of groups which maintain effective and responsible practices

POINTERS actively aims to work with as many groups as possible in order to set a new industry standard for the effective prevention and control of infections.

Below is a small sample of the groups we have identified:


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