The future for fighting infection

Superbugs are the 3rd major challenge facing the world, after population explosions particularly in areas where, growth is not sustainable, for example, Sudan. 

As a planet, we are also likely to experience sever shortages in drinking water over the coming decades, as our population continues to rise.

Superbugs are becoming more and more virulent and antibiotics are becoming less and less effective.

POINTERS and it's partners are addressing these issues and so far have developed 2 major breakthroughs:

  • A zero tolerance lavatory system which eliminates both aerosol and surface-to-surface infection spread.
  • An additive, which unlike previous antimicrobials, kills bacteria and viruses instantly (currently in efficacy testing).

This year, there were around 300,000 infections across the UK, costing the government over 1bn pounds.

Infection Blackspots, The Infection Loop, The Sneeze Effect

As you know, the Pointers Institute is a professional body that represents those involved in solving problems related to infections and those who advocate the best practice within their organisations. One such partner company is our oldest member, Qube Systems.

Qube Systems has developed totally touch-less and hermetically sealed toilet seat. To read more detail about the toilet seat click here.


This zero tolerant-to-infection version developed at Medicity; a centre of excellence in R&D in the Medical Sector. It has been fitted with hermetically sealed system to contain the aerosol discharge after flushing.

  • It features touch-free flushing and locks the seat and lid down until the miasma settles.
  • This system totally eliminates bacteria and viruses spread from lavatories.
  • No surface to surface or aerosol contamination can take place with this zero tolerant system
  • Once the touch free hermetically sealed toilet seat is in the down position the unit locks and automatically flushes, and allows the miasma of the sneeze effect to settle before it is ready for the next user.

A rimless pan-nowhere for the bugs to hide, and easier to clean.

Some lavatory sourced infections:

  • Faeces- MRSA, SARS, Compylobacter, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Proteus Vulgaris, E-Coll, Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylcoccus Aureus, Streptococcus Faecalis &Pyogenes, C.Diff and lately Swine flu.

  • Urine- Is generally sterile but kidney, urinary tract and bladder infections may be present.

  • Vomit- May contain Novo Virus.

  • Infected blood, sputum and vaginal fluid can also be flushed down the lavatory. 

Copper Coated Surfaces- an independent efficacy testing has proven that copper is an effective barrier to infection spread. A POINTERS solution provider has perfected a copper spray which can decontaminate appliances found in bathrooms and make them safe.

This is a demonstration of evacuation alert. The flashing lights indicate to a hearing impaired occupant of the cubicle that the evacuation is taking place ensuring their safety.

Every receptacle, sanitary unit, and disposal bin is touch free.


Touch Free Sanitary Disposal Unit