Fungal infections- are people embarrassed to admit they are infected?


Fungal nail infections are much more common than most of us think, with most people unaware of how to treat and prevent them. Infections can be both minor and serious, but generally have a negative impact on a persons overall health.

Fungal infections can infect anyone, but elderly people, those suffering from diabetes, people with compromised immune systems, and those who maintain poor foot hygiene are most at risk. Fungal infections generally cause a discolouration of the nails, which can range from yellow to black, and can also cause structural weakness in the nail.

According to recent surveys, most people are embarrassed to admit having a fungal nail infection, which can aid the propagation of such infections.

Infections are almost always treatable, and should been seen by a pharmacist or GP before any further action. Maintaining good hygiene, and keeping feet and hands dry where possible can help to prevent the development of infections.