36 Patients in England infected by antibiotic-resistant superbugs


Antibiotic-resistant superbugs have been found in 36 patients in England, according to Public Health England (PHE).

Between April 2013, and February 2018, 36 cases of pan-resistant infections (including 'super-gonorrhoea') have been recorded. A pan-resistant infection is defined as a bacteria which is resistant to every antibiotic used to treat it. This comes after Lord O'Neill, who lead a Government-run review into superbugs has accused Theresa May of allowing the issue to fade and that promised actions have not been taken.

Speaking to the Telegraph Online, Lord O'Neill said that the UK was once a world-leader in the fight against antibiotic resistance.  "There has been a lot of talk, but no action" he writes. His review warned that without substantial action taken to combat antibiotic resistance, it will kill 10 Million people, and cost the world economy around $100trillion by 2050. Global estimates already suggest that 700,000 people are dying each year from antibiotic-resistant infections.

Grahame White