Our Practitioners


We embody more than 1,000 practitioners, and this number is constantly growing. This allows us to work closely and directly with the people who are experts in infection prevention and control. They are at the forefront of their fields and are responsible for the safety of the Health, Food, and Catering Industries.



Our Advocates


Our advocates and solution providers are the influencing bodies within the health, food, and pharmaceutical sectors which support the mission of achieving the best infection prevention practices.


Qube Systems


Qube systems have developed a completely touch free lavatory system incorporating a hermetically sealed toilet seat and lid which is linked to an auto-flushing device.

This system sets a new standard for the best practice in infection prevention and control, as pathogens are contained within the WC pan where they cannot spread by aerosol into the air. Therefore, there is no infection spread from surface to surface, by aerosol or, by inhalation.


MediCity, a collaboration between Boots and BioCity, is an incubator designed to provide a stimulating and supportive business development environment for innovators in consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.

Situated within an Art Deco Grade 1 listed building is MediCity Nottingham, the medtech incubator. Based within the Boots UK’s headquarters, companies based at MediCity can showcase their products and services to leaders and decision makers within Boots.

Click here to visit the MediCity website.


Skywise Designs

Skywise Designs have expertise in Electronic hardware  design (Analog and Digital), PCB Layout and Embedded Firmware. They have over 30 Years’ experience in these fields.


Vetobac are manufacturers and suppliers of antimicrobial copper handrails, grab rails and door hardware. The Vetobac mission is to create national and global awareness of the long term cost advantage of infection control through the use of VETOBAC products as the approved and certified copper touch surface option.


R&R Coatings


It has been discovered that copper kills pathogens. This has been independently certified by EUROFINS Certification Laboratory.

R&R Coatings have been fully trained by our experts in spray application of copper coatings in all surfaces.

Dart Valley Systems

Dart Valley Systems are a leading supplier of touch-free appliances, including touch-free flushing and touch-free taps. These products are major contributors to infection, prevention and control.


For some time it has been shown that copper kills bacteria and the installation of copper fittings is a major step toward infection prevention and control. The Copper Development Association is a professional body promoting the use of copper in many applications.

Click here to visit the CDA website.


Formwise Washrooms are our  preferred installer of cubicles in washroom areas. Formwise have introduced several new features to cubicle design, specifically relating to the disabled. They have proven to be a can-do company who offer excellent products and services.

Click here to visit the Formwise Washrooms website.


Twyford Bathrooms are a member of the Geberit Group . They have developed a rimless pan which eliminates the possibility of mature bacteria hiding under the rim of the WC pan.

Click here to visit the Twyford Bathrooms website.

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The British Institute Of Cleaning Science is the largest, independent, professional, and educational body in the cleaning industry with over 20,000 individual and corporate members globally.

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